Blog Post Reviews

Over the last few weeks, we have been asked to write blogs for our unit, COMM11003. We had many different options to write about. I chose the following:
– Describe what exercising emotional intelligence means.
– Discuss the importance of correct punctuation.
– What is meant by socialisation and how is it different for each individual?

Throughout the writing of these blogs I have learnt the importance of communication in day-to-day life, and how different forms of communication impact different situations.

I saw an improvement in my writing over the course of my blog writing, a development that is hard for me to describe to anyone. There were many challenges in the writing processes; mainly my continual attempts to try and make the blog less report-like and more inviting.

The only thing that I would differently, if given this task again, would be to relax in my writing styles and methods.

Thank you COMM11003, the blog experience has been unique!


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