Socialisation and How it Differs for Each Person.

“Many customs, beliefs, values and so forth are taken for granted within a culture because they are embedded systems into which we are born.” (Cenere, Gill, Lawson & Lewis, 2015).  Socialisation occurs for everyone differently. Every person has the need to make friends and interact so that don’t feel lonely.

Social skills are an important aspect of the need for socialisation. “People with good social skills are easy to talk to and are generally liked, which is another indicator of high emotional intelligence.”(Cenere, Gill, Lawson & Lewis, 2015). Social skills are required throughout each persons  entire life so that they are able to communicate with people in their workplace; school; and, general social, or day-to-day, lives. By having distinguished social skills “relating with people and being able to work in large groups naturally develops one’s communication skills.” (What are Social Skills?, 2017)

“Socialisation, according to MacIver, “is the process by which social beings establish wider and profounder relationships with one another…and build up the complex structure of nearer and wider association.” (“The Importance of Socialisation in Society”, n.d.)
Socialisation for each person is unique and moulded by their surroundings forming their being and social skills in their daily lives; attributing to their future endeavours and relationships with others.

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The Importance of Socilization in Society. Society Discussion – Discuss Anything About Sociology.


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