My Thoughts on Communication


My name is Rhiannon Ryan. This is my first year at CQU; studying a Bachelor of Professional Communication. Studying this allows me to major in Journalism, which will hopefully give me the opportunities to travel around the world; giving me the chance to learn and appreciate other cultures, as well as meeting as many new people as possible.

This unit introduces the students to the essential professional communication necessities, that will be required later on. This is one of the three subjects I am taking this term. This particular unit will allow me to broaden my skills of communication, writing and will be essential later in life.

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The welcome video found in Moodle is informative and convenient. It shows the weekly readings that are available to the students including what the class will cover and how it will help later on in life in our careers. It highlights the importance of checking student emails and Moodle; as well as reaching out to the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) or Your Tutor when needing assistance in your course. This is important as many students, including myself, would not think to seek out such help and attempt to do these assignments by themselves.

There are many key dates throughout this course, mainly our assignment due dates. There are three assignments for this course and their due dates are:

21 April – Essay or Video Script – either 1500 words or a 5 minute script
Week 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 – Blog Posts – needing to be between 200 and 240 words each
5 June – Group Report – a 2000 word report or a 10 – 15 minute recorded presentation.

With these subjects having such staggered due dates allows me to have plenty of time to work on my other subjects assignments without having the stress placed throughout the entire semester. What do you think?


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